The purpose of this website is quite simple ... to find what you are looking for in Cuba!

How may times did you ask yourself ... Where is that beach in Cuba? this hotel? city? Airport? or what was the name of the hotel next to where I stayed? This site will answer all your questions regarding Cuba.

Of course, you may use Google Maps, Google Earth or other satellite imagery website to find what an answer of your question, BUT it is not as accurate as this site. Why? We visited Cuba more than fifty times and thrust us on this, when you see a flag on the map ... This is exactly where it should be!

We do our best to keep this site updated, but as you probably know, a lot of hotels keep changing names in Cuba. Therefore, it is quite a task to maintain! You may participate to keep this site updated by writing to us, if you see a discrepancy, new hotel name, etc. by clicking the feedback link at the button of each page. Remember this site (as well as all our travel-related websites) is provide freely for the sole purpose to share our years of experience in Cuba.

This site is divided into three sections as you see the links on top of each page. To help you find what you are looking for, we divided this site in three categories, the hotels (the most exciting section you are probably anxious to discover), the airports (always good to know how far the airport is from your hotel) and everything else (points of interest). In this section, you will find, beaches, marina, cities, islands (or « Cayos » in spanish), etc.

In each page, there is a small description of the province, the geographical coordinates, a box with all the other locators in the same province and buttons to zoom in, zoom out and bookmark for future reference. You will also find icons to click to discover all our Cuba websites. We presently have twelve detailed websites on this Caribbean sun destination. Each website contains hundreds of photos, videos and of course, a lot of information! A useful collection of all you need to know before going to Cuba!

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Enjoy your visit!

Please note that this site has not been updated recently!

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